The 40th Anniversary Large Celebration Theme Party of Weixing Group Has Made a Complete Success

Date :2016-09-29

On 29 September night, the staff of Weixing Group and their families ,more than  17,000 people ,attended the party which was our company Weixing Group 40th anniversary celebration.The party 's theme was"entrepreneurship and innovation, a hundred years - Weixing group".

   The magnificent dance, Flowers are all bloom in flourishing age , as the first show. Flowers were all in bloom, means that the period of Weixing-Group efflorescence has already come. The stage was large and the lights were flashing ,Our CEO Zhang kapeng gave us a wonderful speech,which made the first climax.

First Chapter《You are there,hard work》


  Large multimedia picture "dream -hard work" rolled out the picture scroll of forty years, lead us in memory of entrepreneurial passion and joys.


Second Chapter《Reform has you,fight and innovation》


    In the Huangpu River, the singing waves , the large dance "mirror color Pujiang" in the tide of the gallery to walk, reflecting the statue of the times.


    Large multimedia picture "impression - new material ”use water drums, waves and other highlights Weixing new material comprehensive capacity, and the industry's first satellite housekeeping service, embodies the innovation is the motive force of realizing the sustainable development of weixing!


   The song "starlight", friends and relatives were gathered with passion, the audience's mobile phone's flash light and neon lights complement each other, the scene converged into a ocean of stars.

  The sitcom "The people in stick mountains" brings us close to people who are stick in the Weixing hydropower, Shangri-La mountain,.They were bear family separation, lack of materials, silently, only this they achieved great success of today's hydropower Weixing.Pay high respect to them!


  Dance "mother's fireplace", the new generation of Weixing people will fight ,they will use firm attitude to join the career of Weixing group and contribute themselves powder for Weixing growth. Fortieth birthday, with glory!


Third  Chapter《We are family,unity and harmony》


  Large instrumental music, dance multimedia dance‘’Idylls in yards” refraction Weixing property cultural implication, and poetry and Painting Institute, intoxicating beauty.

    Build beautiful life, this is the core concept of Weixing property, skirt flaring and ribbon dancing, let us follow Anhui Weixing make the "dream flying" together.

  Combination of songs "dancing youth"  convey youth and vigor, dancing youth, blooming!sion, ushered in the "vision" of the brilliant purples and

  The song "dancing with song", the unity and truth, versatile Weixing hydropower people bring Yunnan national style song and dance performances.

  Creative performance "Weixing report" combed Weixing forty years 'vicissitudes, from the organic glass to the six major industries, witnessed Weixing transformation and wrote down Weixing power.


 Forth Chapter 《You are there,Hundred years of great cause》


  The song "our Weixing dream" we practice the " unity, hard work, truth-seeking, innovative" spirit of enterprise, towards the road of dreams, took solid steps as we move forward,

   The show "Moonlight accompanying with you", with millions of Weixing people were looking forward to a better dream on the road, we were accompanying each other

   The creative show "The Code of Fashion" brings the essence of Weixing zipper, metal buttons, each product line, enhance the inheritance of costume culture, Promote fashion, and unlock fashion.

  The symphonic poem recitation "one hundred years of imagination", by now we can imagine the future, on behalf of the future we can look back, entrepreneurship and innovation, one hundred years of great Weixing, the starlight would boundless ahead!

  The creative ceremony "The forty birthday" from 1976 to 2016, Weixing people greet edthe dawn and stalked. The constant pursuit of writing chunhua!

  The ceremony's begining will make Weixing people around the world water the tree together this tree, the leadership of the president's office hangs a wishing star, hope Weixing will become the century enterprise.

  The scene shows " talking to star", look intot the sky, all Weixing people are down to earth . No danger can keep them from walking



  Large song and dance "pursuit",showed us the pursuit and dream and were in full bloom of a bright flower! They composed the song by struggle with difficulties !

    We will carry forward development essence, creat a hundred years brand of weixing. On the road to sustainable development, we are supposed to shoulder to shoulder ,hand in hand. We will entrepreneurial innovation and make new miracles; hundred years of Weixing will bring in new glory! Let's stand in a new starting line and wish weixing will have a brilliant tomorrow!


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