entrepreneurship and innovation, a hundred years - Weixing group

Date :2016-09-16

There was a exciting moment for Weixing Group, in order to recall the past, on 8th,September ,we held the 40th anniversary sports meeting at the gym of Linhai

Industry. This meeting was not only glory for Weixing Group ,but also for Weixing people . The director of the Organizing Committee of the Games Organizing Committee, Ming Heng, personally presided over the opening ceremony.

  Our CEO,Zhang kapeng gave a great speech "I hope this competition will not only promote sportsmanship, but also combine sports spirit with work practice! Make greater contribution to the development of the cause of weixing! " Then, the president of group , Kapeng Zhang , officially announced the meetng was begining!

  Through 7 days competition, at the awarding ceremony ,the champions of ping-pong,basketball,tennis, Tug of war were glory that the leaders of the group took pictures respectively for the winning teams of the participating competitions.


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