Leadership of China Light Industry Federation Visit Shanghai Weixing Optical and Guide Some Work

Date :2015-06-09

   Recently, Chinese Light Industry Association vice president Guijing Qian with Federation of science and Technology Ministry of environmental protection to the director of personnel, Xiangnan Xu, Ministry of education of Xuejun, director of research office director Li Peisong and his party, research and guide the work of Shanghai Weixing Optical Co., accompanied by deputy director of Chinese glasses association and Secretary General Dai Weiping and Weixing group chief engineer Chen Guogui, Shanghai Industrial Park, Weixing group general manager Zhang Kabing Weixing ,general manager Shi Zhaochang, deputy general manager Chen Biaoxin and other leaders accompanied by reception.  

      Accompanied by the leadership of the company, the chairman of Qian toured the factory, know about Weixing photochromic lens production process, understand the situation from production and innovation two aspects . When they know the Weixing new carbon film lens ,they are not light-reflecting. They said from their heart" Weixing lens quality is very good, our old galasses often see reflective when we are taking photos, but Weixing new carbon crystal lens light is much smaller, the photos is more beautiful .He also encouraged us enterprises to seize opportunities in international competition, enhance confidence and keeping going. 


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